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Holy Week

Holy Week reminds us that while sometimes grace comes gently, it often comes painfully, and sometimes, grace come violently.

From Palms to Passion
Devotions for Holy Week
Carol Geisler
of Creative Communications.

An aid to assist you during Holy Week.
Use either the link above or the QR Code below.

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All liturgies suspended until further notice. Parish Office is closed. No Faith Formation classes (youth or adult).
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As a temporary solution for our parish that is unable to receive electronic gifts via credit card or debit, the Diocese of Helena will receive gifts designated for Parish Offertory and pass those funds along to our parish.
Visit this link: online-giving/ to view the opportunity for parishioners to give gifts to our parish without compromising your health or ours.
The diocese is planning to send checks out each week along with a report of the names associated with the gifts. These gifts will be acknowledged on the Diocese of Helena Charitable Gift Statements next January.
Pray to the Lord for an end to the pandemic. Be safe and be clean. Wash your hands (pray the Our Father) and don't touch your face.

Jesus Christ, you traveled through towns and villages

“curing every disease and illness.”

At your command, the sick were made well.

Come to our aid now, in the midst of the global spread of the coronavirus,

that we may experience your healing love.

Heal those who are sick with the virus.

May they regain their strength and health through quality medical care.

Heal us from our fear,

which prevents nations from working together

and neighbors from helping one another.

Heal us from our pride,

which can make us claim invulnerability to a disease that knows no borders.

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Did you know that your Catholic Foundation partners with your parish and diocese to offer charitable gift annuities that support the future of our Catholic Church? Consider this – you can make a gift, receive income for life, and support the parish or Catholic ministry designed by you…forever! Your gift also qualifies you for the valuable Montana Endowment Tax Credit, and the annuity can be personalized to meet your financial and charitable goals.
Our annuity payout rates are typically better than bank CD rates. For example, right now the payout rate for a 70 year old is 5.1%. To learn more about the benefits of a charitable gift annuity visit or call the Foundation for the Diocese of Helena at (406) 389-7051.
Your Catholic Foundation’s mission is to serve and strengthen the people, parishes, ministries, and apostolic mission of the Diocese of Helena.

Your Catholic Foundation’s mission is to serve and strengthen the people, parishes, ministries, and apostolic mission of the Diocese of Helena. Learn more at
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Scam Email Alert - fraudsters are once again impersonating local priests and asking for gift cards for a friend battling cancer, the poor, etc. Please be alert & always follow-up any request personally to ensure its authenticity.

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Prayer to St. Charles Borromeo

O Saintly reformer, animator of spiritual renewal of priests and religious, you organized true seminaries and wrote a standard catechism. Inspire all religious teachers and authors of catechetical books. Move them to love and transmit only that which can form true followers of the Teacher who was divine. Amen.

Mission Statement

St. Charles Borromeo Parish is dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, to maintain the worship of God, to inspire in all persons a love of Christ, a passion for righteousness, and a consciousness of their duties to God and all God’s children.

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WiFi available, contact office for password.


Celebrating the Christian faith for over 113 years in Whitefish, Montana.

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11th Bishop of Helena

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