We pray for our Confirmation Candidates:

May you be guided by the gifts of the Holy Spirit
on the completion of your
journey along the path
of the
Sacraments of Initiation!

Youth in their Junior year of high school are of Confirmation age. The Diocese of Helena provides the sacrament in one church in each deanery for all the parishes of our deanery. If you are interested in being Confirmed this Spring please contact Greg Cantrell.

Requirements for Confirmation

  • -  must be at least sixteen years of age
  • -  must have received the Sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist
  • -  must be leading a life in harmony with the Catholic Faith
  • -  must be free of any canonical impediment

Choosing a Confirmation Sponsor

Parents lead a discussion with your child to talk about whom to pick for a sponsor. It is important to choose a good sponsor to help your child follow Jesus Christ as best as they can.

Do I really need a sponsor?

Yes. Everyone needs help living the Christian life. Sponsors, along with parents, have the duty of helping you to follow Jesus Christ. Because it is good for you, the church makes it a requirement for confirmation.

Who can be a sponsor?

They must be willing and able to help you live your life as a Christian. Do they love Jesus with their whole heart? Do they love others? Who is your godparent from baptism? If your godparent is doing a good job following Jesus, it is recommended that you have him or her be your confirmation sponsor to continue in the role they began at your baptism. If you had two godparents, you can even ask them both and have two sponsors (only one is required).

Specifically, the church requires that sponsors:

  • -  must be sixteen years old
  • -  may not be the natural or adoptive parents of the confirmand
  • -  must be fully initiated into the Catholic Faith (Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist)
  • -  must be leading a life in harmony with the Catholic Faith
  • -  must be free of any canonical impediment
From this list, you can see that sometimes a best friend or favorite relative is not the right choice for being a sponsor. Not everyone can be a sponsor. Be sure to ask your parish priest if the person you choose would be a good sponsor.

How do I ask someone to be my sponsor?

Just ask. Let them know why you are asking them. If they say, yes, then put them in contact with your parish priest, so he can talk to them and make sure they meet all the requirements. Your parish might schedule some sponsor sessions that they will need to attend or have other paperwork to fill out.
Once your sponsor has been approved, invite them to be involved with your preparation. Go to Mass together; invite them to class, pray with and for one another, attend the retreat together, talk about what saint you will choose for your confirmation name, etc.

For more information: Rite of Christian Initiation, Introduction, 5-6; Code of Canon Law, 872-874, 892-893; Catechism of the Catholic Church 1311; and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, Introduction, 10.2.