Each month, we collect articles and inspiration for married couples to help build the foundation for staying together for life. Check out these articles about being Catholic and married for life:
Spirituality:Marriage, Sex, and Prayer: What the Scriptures Say
Begin a new custom with your spouse from the example of Sarah and Tobias in the Book of Tobit.

Communication:Are you familiar with the Made for Love Catholic podcast on the USCCB website?

The episodes cover a wide range of topics, such as the love of adoption, the masculine genius, and memento mori. Check it out. You will definitely find something that piques your interest!

Finance:7 of the Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Financial Advisor

Not sure how to go about choosing a financial advisor? Matt Wiley shares some common pitfalls to avoid.

Romance and Intimacy: How to Rebuild Intimacy in a Marriage—Even During Dry Spells

Work, children, and family obligations can get in the way of sexual intimacy with your spouse. Here are some tips to rebuild that closeness for a strong, happy, and long-lasting marriage.

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