Many faithful parents will lament the loss of extended prayer time because of a chaotic family schedule. Thinking about the devotional practices they were able to maintain as a single, some even go so far as to doubt that they landed in the right vocation.

If you have ever had these thoughts, take heart! This weekend, Jesus reminds us that love of neighbor is worth more to him than sacrifice. For us as married people, this may mean:

* Getting up with your baby replaces your midnight Adoration hour

* In what ways does your spouse excel in showing love to others?

* Helping your spouse get kids dressed for school replaces daily Mass

* A night home with your spouse replaces a volunteer position at Church

We become holy through our sacrament of matrimony, not in spite of it!

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Participate from the comfort of your own home. Spend 20 minutes of quality time together on-line nourishing your marriage with these 7 day retreats offered by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

There are 3 separate retreats offered:

1) Love & Life in the Divine Plan

2) A Retreat with Pope Francis

3) Marriage and Mercy


Help for Struggling Marriages


Offers Tele-Counseling Services, Spiritual Direction, a variety of videos/books/services for marital needs.

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