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This weekend we celebrate the Presentation of the Lord. As Mary and Joseph offered their firstborn son to God, it’s a good chance for us as married couples to reflect on our own relationship with our children.

· Do we make decisions about the children together?

· Do we pray together for our children?

· Do we include God in our discernment of family size, seeking the Church’s guidance on methods of postponing or achieving pregnancy?

· What do we want our marriage to be like when the last kid leaves the “nest”? How do we plan for that? Do we nurture our current relationship so it will be strong in the future?

· Do we model the kind of marriage we want our kids to have?

National Marriage Week begins this week!

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Participate from the comfort of your own home. Spend 20 minutes of quality time together on-line nourishing your marriage with these 7 day retreats offered by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

There are 3 separate retreats offered:

1) Love & Life in the Divine Plan

2) A Retreat with Pope Francis

3) Marriage and Mercy


Help for Struggling Marriages


Offers Tele-Counseling Services, Spiritual Direction, a variety of videos/books/services for marital needs.

(406) 752-6788