6:00 p.m.

Conference Room

Pastoral Council Members:

Lisa Kalbfliesch - Chair
Rudy Arriaga
Sonya Delmonico
Daryl Russell
Randy Schwickert - Finance Liaison
Sara Torgerson

Ex-Officio Council Members:
Lynn Beck
Greg Cantrell
Cher' LeLievre

Fr. Ken Fortney

St. Charles Borromeo has a Pastoral Council in place with six regular members and three ex-officio members.
Three members rotate off each year, with three new members, appointed by the pastor,
after a discernment process, replacing them.
The Pastoral Council works to:

  • Promote prayer, growth in the faith sharing among themselves and the larger community;
  • Plan for the future of the parish, which includes identifying parish needs and evaluating parish programs in light of pastoral needs and obligations of the parish;
  • Review, plan and evaluate the pastoral activities of the parish and its ministers, and to set forth practical conclusions concerning them so as to conform the life and actions of the people of God with the Gospel and traditions of the Catholic Church.

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