Located just 43 miles east of Whitefish. An easy day trip with spectacular views of glaciers, mountains, native plants and animals. Going to the Sun Road is open late June through September.

Other sites to see in Montana and surrounding states:

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Bighorn Canyon NRA
Filled with Bighorn sheep, the park houses the nation’s first wild horse range.
Devils Tower NM
America’s first national monument is a magnet for rock climbers.
Fort Laramie NHS
19th century fur-trading center and military post showcases 12 restored historic buildings.
Fossil Butte NM
One of the best-preserved paleoecosystems of fossilized plants, fish, mammals and reptiles.
Grand Teton NP
Towering above Jackson Hole, 12 Teton peaks support a dozen mountain glaciers.
John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial PKWY
Scenic 82-mile corridor connects Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.
Yellowstone NP
The world’s first national park is home to Old Faithful, bison herds and the grand canyon of the Yellowstone River.
Big Hole National Battle Field
Enjoy cross-country skiing, fishing, picnicking, snowshoeing and touring the battle field.
Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS
Tour the ranch, see cattle, poultry and horses; enjoy bird watching.
Little Bighorn Battle Field NM
Tour the battle field by car; visit the park on the battle anniversary, June 25.
City of Rocks NR
“City of Rocks” refers to massive granite rock formations up to 600 feet tall.
Craters of the Moon NM and PRES
The park contains one of the largest basaltic cinder cones in the world - Big Cinder Butte.
Hagerman Fossil Beds NM
The collection includes the largest concentration of fossil horses in North America.
Minidoka NHS
The monument commemorates the hardships and sacrifices of Japanese-Americans interned here during WW II.
Nez Perce NHP
This park’s 38 sites span four different states.