Faith Formation is in need of kitchen help on Wednesday nights.



An added ministry to our Faith Formation program has been the ability to offer dinner before FF classes.

This ministry allows parents some relief in their hectic schedules of getting their children to activities
during the week, as well as allowing family members enjoy an unhurried meal together.

Children who have activities before FF class can grab a bite to eat... and make it to class on time!
This time helps us build a sense of community and belonging as the children have time to visit with friends, while parents connect with each other as well.   
The commitment to this ministry is arriving at the church by 5:00 and preparing one of 4 meals on a rotating basis. 
It works well to have
2 individuals working together to prepare the meals. 

Adults in attendance all pitch in to help serve, or help prepare if needed.

There is clean-up involved, and we have individuals to help with this.    
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      If you would be interested in helping with this ministry, please contact Lynn Beck at  406 761-2093