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Daily Reflections with

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Think Right, Live Well: Daily Reflections with Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. Huntington, Indiana 46750


Which Authority?

The problem confronting the religious man of today is not whether he will obey or disobey law and authority; but, which of the two he will obey, namely, the authority of public opinion, or the authority of Christ and tradition.

Moods and Truths, 84

I will obey you, Lord, and I will not be swayed away from your ways by the opinions of others.


Start Now!

You too must strive for perfection, not just go on doing the same things every day, but do them with greater love, greater intensity, bearing things in union with the sufferings of our Blessed Lord, loving your neighbor more, speaking less uncharitably of neighbors, starting now!

St. Thérèse: A Treasured Love Story, 51

Lord Jesus, give me the grace to do even the smallest thing with love.


A Secular Spirit

At first it may seem unfair to characterize our present Western civilization as secular. It may be objected that there are millions of Jews, Protestants and Catholics who are leading lives in close union with God. This, of course, is true. But here we are speaking not of a multitude, but of a spirit; not of numbers, but of influences; not of a minority, but of a temper.

Philosophies at War, 26–27

Father, I reflect on your word so that I might escape the traps of secularism.


God Thirsts

Having poured forth all the waters of His everlasting Love on our poor parched hearts, it is no wonder that He thirsts for love. If love is reciprocal then certainly He has a right to our love. Why do we not respond? Why do we let the Divine Heart die of the thirst for human hearts?

The Last Seven Words, 44

As you poured out your love for me, Lord, I pour out my love for you.


A Test for Love

Love is not “broadmindedness.” Capacity for indignation is sometimes a test of love, for there are enormities which true love must not only challenge, but resist.

Love One Another, 32

Lord Jesus, give me the discernment and courage to confront and resist wrongdoing.


Losing All to Gain All

If we save our life in this world, we lose it in the next; if we lose our life in this world, we save it in the next. If we sow in sin, we reap corruption; if we sow in truth, we reap life everlasting. But we cannot do both.

The Cross and the Beatitudes, 85

Lord, grant that I may lose what I cannot keep in order to gain that which I cannot lose.


Partakers of Divine Life

What God did to that individual human nature which He took from Mary His Mother is what He wills to do, in a lesser degree, to every human nature in the world, namely, to make us partakers of His divine Life.

The Prodigal World, 7

What a marvelous gift, O Lord, that you have given me a share in your divine life!


Enjoying Old Age

The best way to enjoy old age is to see in it a time for making up for the sins that went before, and living in hope for the joys that lie before one. But this takes Faith.

Guide to Contentment, 49

May I spend my autumn years, O God, with enough faith to make up for my sins and to live in hope.


Inordinate Pleasures

Lust is an inordinate love of the pleasures of the flesh. The important word here is inordinate for it was Almighty God Himself who associated pleasure with the flesh.

The Seven Capital Sins, 25

Thank you, O God, for the blessings of sexuality. May I always regard it with self-control.


United to the Cross

The Passion of Christ prolongs itself consciously in all those who by an act of the will join their frustrations, anxieties, fears, loneliness and sufferings to His Cross. “I have been crucified with Christ; the life I now live is not my life but the life which Christ lives in me” (Galatians 2:20).

Those Mysterious Priests, 109

Lord Jesus, I embrace your cross and unite my sufferings to your passion.


Inclined to Good and Evil

Man has aspirations to good which he finds impossible to realize completely by himself; at the same time, he has an inclination toward evil which solicits him away from his ideals.

Peace of Soul, 38

O Holy Spirit, strengthen me to do good and to resist my evil inclinations.


Reparation and Resolution

Because the past is with him in the form of remorse or guilt, because the future is with him in his anxiety, it follows that the only way man can escape either burden is by reparation—making up for the wrong done in the past—and by a firm resolution to avoid such sin in the future.

Go to Heaven, 123

Lord, show me how to make reparation for my offenses.


Know, Love and Serve

Because God is Life, I must serve Him; because He is Truth, I must know Him; because He is Love, I must love Him. Hence the true nature of man is a creature made by God, and destined to know, love, and serve Him in this world and be happy with Him in the next.

The Cross and the Crisis, 68

O God, with all my heart I want to know you, love you, and serve you in this life and be happy with you forever in the next.



Sympathy is a temper or character which draws others together. It is what might be called conductivity. The Greek origin of the word “sympathy” implies “suffering with.” It’s a kind of silent understanding when heart meets heart.

Footprints in a Darkened Forest, 108

Lord, give me a heart to support others who are suffering.


Nature’s Vanguard

Each person has only one heart, and as he cannot eat his cake and have it, so he cannot give his heart away and keep it. Jealousy, which has been instinctively inseparable from the beginnings of love, is a denial of promiscuity and an affirmation of unity. Jealousy is nature’s vanguard to monogamy.

Three to Get Married, 113

Lord, I pray for all married couples that they may have enough grace and jealousy to remain faithful.


Bad Catholics

It is no great objection against the Mystical Body to urge that some Catholics are bad. The Church no more expected to have perfect Catholics than Our Lord expected to have perfect apostles. Catholics may be bad, but that does not prove that Catholicism is wicked, any more than a few bigots prove America is bigoted.

The Mystical Body of Christ, 156

Holy Spirit, thank you for protecting the Church from the bad behavior of a few and from those who hate her.


The Lord’s Day

Remember, Our Lord always spoke of His crucifixion and His sufferings in terms of hour, His glory in terms of day. Evil had its hour, God had His day.

Your Life is Worth Living, 97

I thank you, Christ, that in your hour of suffering and glory, you conquered my sin and my death.


Becoming a Saint

I say to live in these troubled days, we have to become saints. A saint is one who makes Christ lovable. That’s the definition of a saint.

St. Thérèse: A Treasured Love Story, 40

Lord Jesus, I want to become a saint so that I can spread your love to others.


Redemptive Work

Now with the theology of the Little Flower, your spiritual life will be changed. You will not just be praying for yourselves. You have the world to pray for. You are continuing His redemptive work with the little trials you have to bear. All of these Christ makes use of and says, “I’m suffering through you, and we are redeeming souls.”

St. Thérèse: A Treasured Love Story, 93

May every little inconvenience, Lord, be a prayer for persons in the Body of Christ who need prayer the most.


The Power of the Cross

Few of Christ’s words or actions are intelligible without reference to His Cross. He presented Himself as a savior rather than merely as a teacher. It meant nothing to teach men to be good unless He also gave them the power to be good, after rescuing them from the frustration of guilt.

Go to Heaven, 35

By your death on the cross, Lord Jesus, empower me to live a good life.


The Church and Liberty

The world will not quickly realize that the Church, which it believed was so restraining to liberty, is really the only one that makes us free, and that which was thought so much behind the times is the only institution which has survived the times.

The Cross and the Crisis, 28

I thrive, O God, in your Church, where I find true freedom.

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